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Within the framework of International Customs Day, on January 26, 2024, a delegation of authorities headed by the Undersecretary of the Treasury, Mrs. Heidi Berner Herrera, and the National Director of Customs, Mrs. Alejandra Arriaza Loeb, visited us.

Among the guests were the Director of Metropolitan Customs, National Director of the SAG, Director of the DGAC, Chilean Nuclear Energy Commission, Head of the PDI International Airport Prefecture, Metropolitan Director of Sernapezca, Fiscal Inspector of the MOP, Manager of Nueva Pudahuel, Metropolitan Regional Prosecutor and Chief Prosecutor. Pudahuel Local Prosecutor’s Office, among others.

Dirección Nacional de Aduanas visita nuestras instalaciones

On the occasion, the Customs team showed its guests in our facilities its processes and improvements to the control against illegal items that are attempted to enter the country, its advanced non-invasive technology, scanner, special equipment and dogs trained for drug control and explosives.

We take advantage of the opportunity to congratulate the Director of the National Customs Service Mrs. Alejandra Arriaza Loeb and the entire team she leads on International Customs Day.